Why do we waste time?

5 min readJun 3, 2021

“There are no lazy people in the world, there are only people with impotent goals!”

Waste Time- Time Management

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Question: Supriya, from Illinois is asking me this question. How should I stop wasting time even when I know perfectly well that it is not the right thing to do?

Supriya if somebody else is taking a knife and chasing you I can come in between and save you. If you are taking a knife and running to stab yourself how am I supposed to come and save you?

When you say that you know it’s not the right thing to do, and I know you’re an intelligent kid. So, you know that the potential you have is not going to take you anywhere if you keep wasting time.

In fact, this is such a stupid expression a lot of people use, they say, killing time. You cannot kill time, time kills you. But I will tell you why we waste time. We are not holding a goal, an ideal in front of us, which we are too passionate about.

There are no lazy people in the world, there are only people with impotent goals and the impotency of their goal does not make them look forward to life. When you hold a goal in front of you which you are excited about, think about it, those of you find it difficult to wake up in the morning, for all the reasons that you can give when your loved one is coming by an early morning flight and you have to go to airport to receive, do you have a problem in getting up? In fact, without the wakeup call, you wake up five time, why you have something to look forward to?

When you played a game when you played a sport that you are passionate about, did you ever go through this experience where you felt that you are not able to give your full energy to it, you are not able to do it with full intensity, did you ever go through that experience, Never, Why? because you have something to look forward to. So identify yourself with a goal that’s truly challenging. It can be physical, it can be academic.

It can be professional, it can be spiritual, it can be social. Identify yourself towards an objective larger than yourself and get passionate about it, get excited about it. Decide to give everything you’ve got.

You heard about the story, I know it’s a slight detour, but it’s linked to what I’m attempting to answer here. It seems the man was walking in the desert and with what little bottle of water that he had, he knew he was left with just a few ounces, he came across a hand pump and somewhere when he tried to use the hand pump to get enough water to fill the bottle to tread the remaining distance as usual air was coming, water was not coming and just then he saw a board written there by somebody kept on the hand pump pour all the water you’ve got into the hand pump and pump rigorously you will have enough water to fill your bottle, the man who was in a dilemma, he had a big mission to make does he preserve those few ounces of water that he has that can carry him through the remaining distance or risk it so that he can get a full bottle of water.

He knew that whatever he had was not enough for him to survive the remaining distance in the desert so he decided to risk so he poured whatever he had, in fact he poured all that he had into that pump and started pumping it rigorously and there the fountain of water gushed, he fills the entire bottle, took a pen and wrote under that board the above advice really works, it has worked for me and he kept walking.

This entire episode demonstrate a moral of life and that is if you want everything from life you have to give everything you have got to life, I repeat if you want everything from life you have to give everything you have got to life, you the resource, human potential, the time, the resources, your life.

The passion with which you pursue, your goals, your objectives of the future, you got to give everything you have got to life and in reciprocation that you gave everything you’ve got to life, life will reciprocate by giving you everything in return.

In that sense, identify yourself with a goal, an objective something beyond you. I remember one of the times you sharing with me that you wanted to pursue your MBA and if you really want to be that, you have to give everything you’ve got, your parents, your loved ones, your teachers.

In fact, Sunday after Sunday and for you Saturday evening at Illinois I have given myself to you. Everybody’s invested so much of their time and their life on your growth and your development then how can you even think you can waste your own life which can contribute so much to your own development and the development of everybody else. Think, they could have done a lot of things in life what we call is wasting time.

I could have played a game of golf every Sunday morning. I could have stayed with my family every Sunday morning.

Your mother could have pursued her career goals and aspirations, your teachers could have probably taken lucrative, information technology career instead of continuing to be schoolteachers, but all the people executed the choices to put their time and life to count in the growth and development of you and everybody else who came in contact with them and the only way we can reciprocate all of them is to become something worthy in life, something substantial in life and you can only do it with this resource called time so identify yourself with something larger than yourself, resolve that you’re going to give everything of yourself to it and never again even think about wasting time, it’s possible. Most and more times have begin. Thank you.




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