The Science behind Spirituality

3 min readApr 20, 2021

“Spirituality is science, whether you accept it or reject it, it’s science. There’s a reason it’s important to understand science.”

Spirituality Behind Science

Spirituality is science, whether you accept it or reject it, it’s science. There’s a reason it’s important to understand science.Already know that whenever human intelligence directed itself towards a new gave birth to a new field of science.

And that is how every field of science had evolved. Man wanted to study matter, gave birth to physics. Man wanted to study composition of matter, gave birth to chemistry. Man wanted to study the life in the birth to biology.

Distribution of resources, economics. The formation and correlation of all these celestial objects, astronomy. Its influence on life, astrology. Constitution of geology. Constitution of ocean, oceanology.

And all these things are called as objective science. Because man is the subject who’s studying all these objects. Everything else outside of him is an object of his own observation.

Man is that consciousness which is studying all these objects of observation, so it’s called objective science.

That same intelligence which was extroverted, when introverted, began to study the self which was studying all these objects.

The very subject that was studying all these objects became a subject of study. And that gave birth to a subjective science called spirituality. So when that same intelligence, instead of extroverting itself, introverted itself and began to study the very subject, which was studying all these gave birth to an objective science called spirituality.

And because objective science is and subjective science is subjective, objective science said, “I will not accept anything subjective as science.”.

If I line up all of you and one at a time, if I ask you to hold live wire and switch on, all of you will get.

But Mahatria is discussing Valmiki gives five-six messages.

Here, hundred. three hundred. And out there, thousands of different interpretations to the same message. Same message goes through different interpretations. Subjective.

Nobody can get behind your eyeballs. Nobody can get into your consciousness and see how you are perceiving things. Everybody does not perceive it exactly the same way.

So objective science said, “Whoever does the experiment, water must be H2O.”Cannot say that, if Rama does, experience will be Ravana does, experience will be different. There is no objectivity to it. It’s subjective, individualistic. Subjective means individualistic, objective means it’s same. This color is red, is objective. My favorite color, I cannot stand it, subjective. Right now, the temperature is 22 degree Centigrade, objective. That’s why I’m feeling sultry, that’s why I’m feeling cold, subjective. Very individualistic.

So, objective science cannot accept anything subjective as science So, spirituality has been, not accepted as science. So, today when we talk, we talk about means everything other than spirituality. Spirituality, definitely not science. That’s how our entire understanding is. But spirituality is science, whether you accept it or reject it, it’s science. There’s a reason it’s important to understand science.




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