The Importance of Crying out of Happiness

2 min readFeb 3, 2021

“To live, is to live to the point of tears.”

Crying out of Happiness

To live is to live to the point of tears. We no more cry, and if you don’t cry, it simply means you have lost this ability to feel your emotions deep. You’re living a superficial life, and we’re not here to live a superficial life. We are here to live a very deep life.

Any emotion you go through, based on your past conditioning, it expresses itself to the world outside. Whenever you go through a emotion which is so deep, and you’ve never gone through this… such deep emotion ever in the past… because it does not know any other way to express, the mind chooses to express it through tears.

Which means having spontaneous tears, not the crying which is used as a negotiation weapon, when nothing is working… AK 48, I’m not talking about that. The spontaneous tears that happens to you is the most honest of all human expressions because the inability of the mind to deal with the depth of your emotion comes out as tears. Mind sometimes manipulates. When tears happen, there is no mind involved.

Those of you here… you’ve have never cried out of happiness or you’ve never shed tears of love, never shed tears out of gratitude, you’ve never shed tears feeling — how blessed my life is!

Somewhere sitting alone and thinking about what sort of a brother you have in your life or what sort of a spouse you have in your life or what sort of children you have in life or what a life that you’re living right now…

somewhere if all this does not create those spontaneous tears of feeling so special and so blessed… If you’ve never had a divine intervention in your life, if you have never had a spiritual experience that caused tears in your life… tears of happiness, tears of love, tears of gratitude, tears of spiritual experiences, tears of feeling very special, tears of success, tears of accomplishment, tears of selflessness, tears of knowing that you touch somebody’s life the way you alone could have touched life or your life was touched by somebody, the way they alone could have touched, tears of positivity.

That’s when you know you’re living your life to its depth. I’ll put it this way. It doesn’t matter to me how many times you have shed tears for all the negative emotions of your life, for all the positive emotions that exist in life, if you have never shed tears in your life — you’ve not lived at all. You’ve been existing.




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