Manifesting Abundance in your Life

5 min readJan 22, 2021


“ Abundance is what we should settle for, and nothing else.”

We should not even think scarcity thoughts. We should only think thoughts of abundance. Abundance is our birthright. Abundance is what we should settle for and nothing less. I know a lot of people of Yesteryear have taught you to practice contentment.

But contentment does not mean you should not have ambitions, you should not seek to accomplish. Contentment only means, I will enjoy what I already have with no regrets but that doesn’t free me from aspiring for more. Aspiring for the next rung of the ladder.

Yes, I will enjoy the current rung of the ladder without any regrets. But it’s not that I going to be stagnant. Somehow I see a world which has misunderstood contentment for stagnation that which does not change, does not grow. That which does not grow dies.

Settling into a life of stagnation is psychological death. Infinite human potential is sleeping within you and why would you want to stagnate and vegetate? Seek abundance.

Challenge yourself. Yes, practice contentment. Enjoy what you have with no regrets, but aspire for more. Go after more. I’ll put it this way. Let’s commit our life to the principle of more than enough. Let’s know in the heart of heart we have enough.

And recognizing we have enough, takes care of our happiness in life. And yet let us aspire for more, knowing very well you’re going for more than enough just to challenge that potential within you. Just to express that capability that is there within you.

While enough we will take care of our happiness, going after the more will take care of our success and thus we will be able to live a life happily successful and successfully happy. You have to strive for more. There is no place for “Daridra Chinta”.

There is no place for scarcity thinking. This is a world of cosmic abundance. If there is poverty in the world, one of the fundamental reasons those who are poor are thinking poverty thoughts. Those who are poor are thinking scarcity thoughts, either on their own they have not learned to practice abundant mentality or nobody has taught them to think about abundance.

In a world of such flourishing resources, it is possible for each one of us to have most and more.

There is no need. For us to live a life of meager means. Being born into a middle-class family is a consequence. But whether you’ll continue to live as a middle-class family or outgrow from the state of being a middle-class family. A sheer mental breakthrough of taking the decision one day where I was born and how I was born and into what environment I was born was a consequence.

But where I live, in what environment I live, and what I make out of my life is a choice and I’m going to choose abundance. We’re not even talking in terms of financial adequacy, we are talking in terms of financial surplus, financial abundance.

And when I say abundance, I’m not just talking about money, I’m talking about a qualitative shift that comes in the very consciousness with which you look at life. Coming away from that phrase that I’m reasonably healthy but no, let us seek complete health and it begins with a shift in your mindset.

Where you’re going to believe it’s possible to be completely healthy, body follows the mind. The mind of the man is the man, change the mind and you change the man.

First, that shift has to happen here. Independent of how my body has responded till now, from here, I’m going to create that bodily intelligence and tell myself, I deserve abundant health. And thus with that conviction, with that belief, you bring in a lot of change in the internal programming of the bodily intelligence.

You may not see the change immediately manifest because just because they have shifted the cause today, the effect will not change tomorrow. But just because I’ve shifted the cause today, sooner or later. In fact, sooner than later the effect will change.

Bring about that shift. I deserve abundant happiness, abundant love. Don’t keep prescribing to the social programming. If two days you laugh then one day you have to cry. Everything cannot go right in life. If there are mountains, there will be valleys.

The waves that go up will keep falling. Tough times will always punctuate good times. Don’t keep inviting that into your life. When it happens, let’s face it, but why should there be a thought level invitation to all that in life? Why are you not realizing what happens in your life?

First began as a thought level programming in you and the moment this shifts everything shifts. And that’s the breakthrough I’m talking in terms of an internal shift where I tell myself I deserve bliss, I deserve love, I deserve abundant of peace. And the moment this internal change happens, like begets like, like attracts like.

The more and more you bring about this internal change in your thought process of abundant mentality, that’s what you begin to magnetize into your life. More and more opportunities come into your life. More and more good people come into your life.

More and more avenues of expression come in search of you in life. You are a very powerful magnet. This cosmos is a cosmic magnetic field. All the celestial objects rotating around themselves and revolving around certain other objects, this entire cosmic drama is happening through cosmic magnetism.

From the “Paramatma came Jeevatma”. God created human beings after his own image, says Bible, which means from this cosmic magnetic field, the manifestation is you the biomagnetic field.

So, you’re a very powerful magnet. You can will the changes in your life. You can will the transformation in your life. You can will what you choose your future to be. Will abundance.

Bring about that internal shift, and please understand, financial surplus in the hands of a bad human being will destroy the world. Financial surplus in the hands of a good human being will build a better world. Abundant of love in a normal hearted soul will permeate beyond the relationship in the confines of a home and touch lives that have never been touched before in ways that it has never been touched before.

Any form of surplus in the hands of a right hearted human being will benefit the individual a little but will benefit the world at large, quite a lot. Abundance of creativity. You will no more think about insights and imaginations of great possibilities in your own life alone. You will think for the collective good of everybody. Abundance of financial resources.

You would consume very little. You will contribute so much more in the process. Abundant of happiness beyond your laughter in your smile. Your presence will bring laughter in the world and put the world on top of the world. Abundant of spiritual vibrations much beyond you getting enlightened through these vibrations.

You’ll pass on those vibrations to create a new world around you.

Think abundance. Seek abundance. Long for abundance. Magnetize abundance. You deserve abundance in every form.

Wishing you most and more of abundance.




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