Let Your Passion Be Your Profession…

4 min readJun 9, 2021

“Find a work in which you find that inner expression, you find happiness in it.”


This is the voice of Mahatria… Welcome to discover a new you… Wishing you most and more…

Find a work in which you find that inner expression, you find happiness in it. Make the world recognize that expression of yours, you find success in it. Offer the results you produce through that work unto him, you find God in it.

Which means when I choose an expression in life where, my work itself becomes my source of happiness, my work itself becomes my source of success, and my work itself becomes my source of experiencing the divine, because my self-expression gives my happiness, I’m making the world recognize. The excitement I get when I play snooker, somehow nothing in life gives me. You should be doing snooker parlor business. That’s what you should be doing. And isn’t it nice for what do you like playing others come and pay? Truth be told, I like talking, and I make the whole world pay for my talks. Isn’t it beautiful? You do what you like, and the world pays you for that.

Pele asked this question, when he played the first season of football and at the end of the season when he got paid, Pele asked this question. You mean I get paid for playing football? Isn’t it beautiful? You can do in your life what you like the most and for that the world pays you. Your hobby should become your profession. If eating is your hobby, that has to be your profession. If dressing; somehow even when I’m talking, you’re not listening to the talk you’re only checking whether I’m wearing the right pajama kurta, whether the combination is right, you should be in that business, you should be a designer.

Somewhere, wherever you see your eyes only looks at whether his shoulders are developed, biceps is OK or not, whether his equator is coming out or it’s in the middle, you should be in gym business, you should be a yoga teacher. Some of the fulfillment I get, when I listen to chanting, when I meditate, when I see people in faith, when I go to the ashram. Somehow the fulfillment that I get nothing gives me. That has to be your future. Set a goal 40, 48, 50, 52, create enough for the generation and walk the path of your peace. I repeat you get only one chance to be yourself.

In Jewish scriptures there is such a beautiful reference to it. They say, when you eventually die and go to God, God will not ask you why you did not become a Messiah. But he will ask you, why you didn’t live as you. I sent you to earth for you to be you and why didn’t you live as you. A time was there in the world when a Jesus Christ was required a Jesus Christ was sent. A time was there in the world when a Prophet was required, a Prophet was sent. A time in the world when a JRD was required a JRD was sent. A time in the world when a Lata was required, and a Lata was sent. A time in the world when a Rafi was required a Rafi was sent. A time was there in the world when you were required and that’s why you were sent.

They all did something very significant with their life because they celebrated their originality. In fact I’ve asked this question whenever I watch a live music concert. Hey he sings exactly like Mohammed Rafi, why he didn’t get so much break-through? I realized he sings like Mohammed Rafi, he is not original. Rafi was original, he sang like him. In fact if he had sang like him, he would have a future. But he chose to be a duplicate in life, when he would have chosen to be the original. This is me. This is how I speak. A little South Indian Brahmin tongue in my pronunciation, this is me.

Just imagine even my speech will stink unto my own years, just in order to impress you, all try to put up an accent and speak as if I’m come just now from America and tell you guys and girls happiness man. I cannot say Orange, Orange… My own son asked me after listening to a speech of mine when he was six years old. Appa, spell water, ‘I said WATER, he said then why whenever you say waterrr,’ as if there are three four R’s there, but that is me. Don’t ask me to be anybody else, this is me.

I will keep a bearded photo and come without beard. This is me. In fact, you are peaceful only being yourself. Think about in all of you sitting here, I’m not asking you to celebrate me. In fact, in no program of mine I want you to come and celebrate me. I want you to come and celebrate yourself. You are my subject. Think about it, I don’t care how many programs you have attended of mine. Think about it. When you leave my program, you won’t think of me. You’ll think of yourself and your life and leave. Because you are the subject in my program. And I want all of you to realize, you want to be happy you have to be happy with yourself.




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