How to Stop Struggling through Life

2 min readFeb 4, 2021

“And in silence, I can experience the divine. And only in silence, I can experience the divine.”

Stop Struggling

Man is not designed to struggle and there’s struggle in your life because you’re not in touch with the greatest glory of life, silence. You’re not willing to embrace the master key and you’re searching for individual keys for individual problems.

How to parent the elder child, how to parent the younger child, how to get my marriage right, how to get my sibling relationship right…

Why is there so much confusion in so many relationships in your life? Because, internally you’re too agitated and it’s manifesting as agitation in every role of your life.

Blaise Pascal, a scientist gave so much of scientific contributions to the world, gave a computer language to the world, a rational analytical thinker not a spiritualist, not a Messiah… and Pascal says, ‘All the wars in the world are due to the inability of a man to sit alone and be quiet.’ Your war may not be across countries but it is across roles for you; and how are you going to quieten all these things? Only through silence.

We need some element of withdrawal in our life. You have to peep into the. Vibrations can be transferred unto you only in the state of non-doing. Some more doing is not going to solve anything. Some more non-doing is going to solve everything.

The reason even a doctor, after doing the best that he can do he says, ‘Now God is great’, essentially what he’s saying is, for everything you face in life, there may not be an intellectual, materialistic, man-made solution but for anything that you face, there is definitely a spiritual solution.

You have to get in touch with the gap between your thoughts. You have to become absorbent. There has to be an inner stillness. You have to go beyond communication to experience communion with the divine.

And in silence, I can experience the divine. And only in silence, I can experience the divine. It’s not an extroverted experience, it’s an introverted experience.

From health, to a powerful mind, to a matured intelligence, to an equanimous emotional personality, to full of spiritual vibrations, your completeness is going to come only through silence.




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