“I understand it does not matter how much I have, what really matters is what I do with what I have.”

Unlock Your Potential

I understand it does not matter how much I have, what really matters is what I do with what I have. I can use my intelligence for the rest of my life and create a list of what all I am not good at? What all I’m inadequate at? I can continue to be extraordinary in creating my lack list. What all I lack in life? And it’s not going to take us anywhere. …

“Find a work in which you find that inner expression, you find happiness in it.”


This is the voice of Mahatria… Welcome to discover a new you… Wishing you most and more…

Find a work in which you find that inner expression, you find happiness in it. Make the world recognize that expression of yours, you find success in it. Offer the results you produce through that work unto him, you find God in it.

Which means when I choose an expression in life where, my work itself becomes my source of happiness, my work itself becomes my source of…

“You grow in your own eyes when you choose the ‘right’ over everything else.”


In fact, yesterday I was telling her, how I got up in the morning and everything in me told me that today your back is very stiff, today you should not take a risk with your back, so you skip yoga today. Don’t do yoga. Everything in me convinced me about the entire thing and I was also absolutely convinced. And after five minutes, I said, “Aren’t you ashamed?” How much you talk about growth & development… tomorrow you’ll go sit and do all these things…

“Make yourself right.
You don’t have to go in search of anything,
everything will come in search of you.”


‘The knowledge you gain from reading numerous books, the wealth you donated to others’ welfare, the happiness you feel in the progress of others, in all these deeds, God is present’.

Whether you read Valmiki, or you listen to Kannadasan, everybody is saying, when you develop some right qualities, it elevates you to greatness. If I can develop my intelligence through proper education…

And I see myself as a leader… who is a leader? Somebody who’s ready to share his prosperity…

“Our relationship with time can grow and it will grow only to those who believe I am in a growing relationship.”

Relationship Get Stagnant with Time

This is the voice of “Mahatria“. Welcome to discover a new you. Wishing you most and more.

The realm of marriage, industry average is two fights per week. So, I keep believing as long as I have at least two fights per week, Chaltha hey! it’s all going right.

And somehow it’s a compromise I can buy into and I can keep saying, now it’s already 10-years since we are married what to expect? You believe that there can…

“The more and more you do God’s work, God starts doing your work…”


This is the voice of “Mahatria“. Welcome to discover a new you. Wishing you most and more.

Dr. Robert Schuller said, “Selfishness turns life into a burden and unselfishness turns burdens into life”. I somehow feel a huge parenting responsibility is required to focus on grooming our children with some element of selflessness in them.

It’s really scary to be building a world where almost for anything that we do we first ask this question, what’s in it for me? If everything in life can only be…

“There are no lazy people in the world, there are only people with impotent goals!”

Waste Time- Time Management

This is the voice of Mahatria. Welcome to discover a new you. Wishing you most and more…

Question: Supriya, from Illinois is asking me this question. How should I stop wasting time even when I know perfectly well that it is not the right thing to do?

Supriya if somebody else is taking a knife and chasing you I can come in between and save you. …

Question: Why is there this craving in people to be recognised for everything they do?

Human nature has always been human nature. Most of our relationship-based troubles aren’t because of human nature, but because of our ignorance in expecting human nature to be other than what it is. If we are willing to accept others as they are, and if we are willing to change our approach towards others, then there can be no relationship-based disturbances. Unfortunately, we expect others to accept us as we are, and we expect them to change their approach towards us. In the latter, you…

“If God ever has to help anyone in the world,
He can only help through another human being.”

Overcome Corona scenario’ in a matured way

How to deal with the present ‘Corona scenario’ in a matured way?

Neither the business scenario, nor the health scenario…

Nor the governance of government, or this live webcast, we don’t have a perfect scenario right now in the world.

We can see a blessing even under these circumstances, in all the aspects and all the dimensions of life, or we can find a reason to complain.

And keep complaining, keep cribbing all the time about everything.

Generations to come in history…

“Today is a providential gift!”

Live Today

Today is a providential gift which either He gives it to you or nobody else can give it to you.

There’s no other way to have it. Money cannot buy a today in your life. A man, who all his life, saved his money, saved his money, saved his money and right now he was having 50 crores of saving with him, decided now I’m going to enjoy my life.

And the day he decided, now I want to enjoy my life and use this 50 crores, somebody was standing in front of him.



Infinitheism is the path that provides breakthroughs and allows the human spirit to realize its humongous, boundless potential.

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